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creating an environment-friendly, green and healthy residence circumstance for customer

company commission

1、 leading the industry into an era of internet+ and intelligent manufacturing .
2、deriving from originality and processing by intelligent technology
3、 embedding science and technology into manufacturing, boosting intelligence
4、driving innovation, making brilliant achievement 5、we keep progressing on the way of entrepreneurship

Tianjin Just Truth Advanced Material Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in Beijing in 2006 but moved to light textile economic zone Binhai District in Tianjin in 2011 due to business expansion. We have introduced a whole set of cutting-edged production line of international level for high end furniture, which includes mill work, integral kitchen and bath facility etc. we commit ourselves to build a production center of advance building materials, design and development center, show center and a logistic and customer service center. In order to adapt to new trends, we pursue to restructure our company and set up Tianjin Just Truth Advanced Technology Co., Ltd. in December, 2016. As China first class producer of custom made built-in furniture, Just Truth is a model of combination European modern industrial technology with traditional handicrafts.

With unremitting endeavor of all staff, our company has developed from a millwork plant into a furniture manufacturer specializing in offering supporting service for high level decoration. The new technology, which includes the most advanced full set production line introduced from Germany, overthrows traditional pattern of furniture producing and processing by turning it into “components and parts assembly” under informationized control system, realizing the scientific and intelligent production. Meanwhile, in order to meet the demands for whole-room customized in furniture market and forge a 4.0 industry, we have independently designed and assembled our own unmanned and full automatic production line. We will become the first company applying unmanned technology in board furniture manufacture.

Qualification & Copyright Registration

ISO 9001体系认证证书(中文)

ISO 9001体系认证证书(英文)

ISO 14001体系认证证书(中文)

ISO 14001体系认证证书(英文)







National Center for Quality Supervision & Inspection of Furniture and Indoor Environment
Test Report : Top CabinetNO:ZX-WJJ18-0566(13)

With the goal of custom-made project furniture and serving discerning customers. Just Truth has been pioneering and innovating all the way through the traditional production mode and mechanical processing production mode. In 2016, it entered the industry’s scientific, intelligent, systematic period, and created Industry 4.0. The automatic unattended furniture production line will soon be the first truly automated production in China with its independent R&D and design. The vision and mission of Just Truth are to be committed to becoming industry-leading, and at the same time committed to building a century-long enterprise with a long-term foundation. How far a company can go depends on the company's own values. This is the cornerstone of the company's strategy and the resist to temptation. No culture is empty. Culture comes from practice. It needs practice to verify and guide. Everyone in Just Truth is a cultural practitioner. All of our words and behaviors are embodied in the belief that the source of culture and the pursuit of excellence is reflected through scientific strategies and professional capabilities.

Corporate Target

Custom-made Project Furniture, Serve Discerning Customers

Corporate Vision

Achieve the sustainable development of the enterprise. Eestablish the leading brand of the industry. Create a century-long enterprise.

Core Values

Understanding  Communication  Learning  Innovation

Just Truth Corporate Culture Spirits

Honest  Self-improvement  Self-discipline and Social Commitment  Win-win Harmony

Just Truth Spirit of Craftsmanship

Dedicated spirit: Not seeking large scale, but seeking strong strength
Standardism: Respect standards, comply with standards
Accuracy: Pursuit of precise, accuracy of the standard
Perfectionism: Meticulous, thorough entire work
Orderalism: All things are done with each-step processes
Honest and sincere spirit: Reliable products come from the honest and sincere spirit of the manufacturer

Tianjin Munster Chateau
Tianjin, China

CSCEC LingLongShan Residential Project
Beijing, China

HeFei Poly XiShan LinYu Villas

The Poiz Residences Singapore

The Santorini Condo Singapore

The Alps Residences Singapore

The Queens Peak Condo Singapore

The Northwave EC Singapore

CCTV New Building
Beijing, China

Australian Embassy in Myanmar

Xi’An ZhongDa International City

Fortune Plaza
Beijing, China

Sheraton Hainan Hotel

Bahamar Island Resorts

NUO Hotel Beijing
Beijing, China

We still make high investment in scientific and technological innovation, production R&D and high-tech equipment. By combining many years' experience of production and referring to multiple kinds of projects at home and abroad, our excellent scientific and technical personnel have made many patents and technical breakthrough in design, technology, equipment automation, etc. including electronic chip component implant technology, flap technique of 45 degree on the finishing coat finished, new door inner keel, multi-functional hotel wardrobe, new acoustical panel with LED, new glue sprayer, etc.

We have made breakthrough by combination of full-automatic coating process and special-shaped process. With improved equipment and coating process, special-shaped component with various angles can be realized on the finished coat panel directly, which not only make the exposed corner edge in excellent quality, but also save cost and improve manufacture efficiency.

  • Acoustic panel patent technology
  • New pulp shooting machine patent technology

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