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Our team has great experience about the interior deocration and millwork facbrication, and has undertaken quite a lot representative en ID works and millwork supply and installations which were based on the American Standards, and our works located in allover the China, South-East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and North-America etc.

The company takes "Beijing Just Truth Intelligent Techonology Co.,Ltd." as the main body,and “Beijing Just Truth Decoration Engineering Co.,Ltd.”as carrier. Using automation technology and Internet technology, and realized a holistic solution based on BIM and industrialization.

To realize the holistic solution for the digital supply chain based on BIM and industrialization , The company takes "Tianjin Just Truth Advanced Material Technology Co.,Ltd." as the main body,built an unmanned full-automatic production line for customized furniture as a demonstration of the digital supply chain, and expand the business of smart manufacturing with other decorative materials, to creat a "smart cloud factory group".

The Company always upholding the concept of “With root in quality, create a shared dream”, will continue to focus on smart manufacturing and Internet applications and realize the renovation of industrialization of interior decoration .

  • 1999Decoration team founded
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  • 2005 Beijing wood processing factory founded
  • 2010 The establishment of the Tianjin wood processing base
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  • 2014 Independent science and technology team founded
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  • Development image4
  • 2015Beijing Just Truth Decoration Engineering Co.,Ltd
  • 2016Beijing Just Truth Intelligent Technology Co., LTD.
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  • 2016Beijing Just Truth Commerce Co., Ltd.
  • Development image6
  • 2016 Tianjin Just Truth Advanced Material Technology Co.,Ltd
  • 2016Beijing Just Truth Invetment Holding Co.,Ltd.
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  • Development image8