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As a technology-based enterprise, Beijing Just Truth Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in September 2015, which is different from the traditional enterprises. The Company has a technology team whose members come from China’s renowned companies. We have reaped impressive benefits, such as intelligent furniture production system, integrated GSD—production software platform, ERP management system and BIM-based decoration technology management system. By exploiting information technology and system engineering technology like the Internet, cloud computing, big data, 3D, LoT, automatic control, intelligent hardware and machine vision, we have transformed the traditional industry of manufacturing and decoration, with an ability to directly inform the factories of user needs. Therefore, we can render one-stop end-to-end customized services and complete solutions from factory manufacturing to on-site execution. As a high-tech enterprise, the Company has owned dozens of software copyrights and invention patents. We have presented creative ideas for plate processing and digital management, as well as efficient and feasible software algorithms and management systems for smart plate sorting and warehousing following flexible production, leading the woodwork processing industry.

In order to meet the demands of customized and flexible manufacturing in furniture market, we call on nearly 20 young men average at their 30s and form a research and development team to find a solution for industry 4.0 and platform developing. All of them hold a bachelor degree with the leading members having more than 10 years’ experience in application and system developing. They possess deep insights in demands of customers, of products, of manufacturing and of technology both on market end and manufacturer end. Moreover, with a strong sense of commission to bring a technological revolution in this industry and the capability to find the right direction, they have immersed themselves into work to make a difference in spirits of strong fortitude and resilience. Team Structure:
customized furniture platform developing team: young team with Web mindset
Front end: customization procedure, furniture online store,3D rendering,order,payment etc.
Back end: furniture modelling,operation and maintenance management,data mining and production access.
Intelligent Production Line Developing Team
Software: production management, process scheduling and equipment control etc.
Hardware: mechanical design, electronic control, robot joint etc.

Partner in Science and Technology field

MJ Intelligent System:

MJ Intelligent System takes the lead in industry upgrading and intelligent manufacturing development based on internet and intelligent technology, was award as “the leading enterprise of intelligent manufacture” by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. MJ has many years’ experience in design and production of nonstandard apparatus as well as in systemic project of smart factory, production line and logistic, covering digital, intelligent manufacturing during the whole product life circle. At the same time, the company is in possession of cutting-edge technology for monitoring, analyzing factory equipment and visual remote subscription service.


Founded in 1847, SIEMENS is a leader in electronic and electrical engineering sector. Since entering china market in 1872, Siemens has made tremendous contribution to china development with its creative technology, outstanding solution and product during the past over 140 years. It well establish itself in China through product quality, credibility, advanced technology, more important, its relentless efforts to create.


The concept of industrial robot was first put forwards by Dell, an American, in 1954, for which he applied for a patent. The key points of the patent is to control the joints of robots, this robot was named playback robot. The so called playback robot can record the action demonstrating by human hand and then replay it. Almost all robots are controlled in this way.


NANXING furniture equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd have modern workshop, advanced equipment, a group of senior engineers and professional technique developers. All together, they founded a complete system from research, design, production, sales to service. It is a company of substantial scale and strong financial strength. The main products include CNC center, computer panel saw, sliding table saw, automatically edge-banding machine, high-precision multi-driller and milling machine.

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