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We, Beijing Just Truth Commerce Co. Ltd, are mainly engaged in electronic commerce operation and sales work, independently research and develop full-automatic furniture production system, and set up a furniture-customized brand---"".
Good Style, derived from the home design of the world's top fashion country, pure Italian aesthetic furniture brand, is an internet platform at the service of urban young people ( New Middle Class Consumption Consciousness ), and providing them 100% online intelligent customization.
Good Style, lives for everyone that have life taste. Every piece of furniture has perfectly integrated the minimalist art culture and fashion elements of furniture. From the design of model to match of color, we always pursuit the best, so that the application of every component has great originality and the quality has risen to artistic field.

① Excellent design team at home and broad bring the personalized custom furniture of the world's top country
② Manufacturing factory by wisdom of the leading industry 4.0, which realizes the "unmanned" intelligent production
③ Realize C2F one-stop customized service, form the closed loop mode of “demand- research and development - production - sales - feedback". Compress the middle industry chain, improve efficiency, reduce cost, and achieve optimal cost performance in the end.
We propose “Full excellent furniture custom services”, based on the principle of “seven more or -er”: more direct communication, more strict control, higher grade material, shorter time, lower price, design which knows you better, more thoughtful service.

There is never a group of people, like urban young people, who have so many desires and dissatisfaction on life, furniture, desiring the simplicity which is not simple, and longing for the different splendidness.
For the birth of Good Style, the creativity is not gained by several people together, and we don’t either have a performance pressure that the traditional furniture factory has, but by a more concentrative and professional spirit, we want to do a thing or a cause that people eternally need.

We refuse all mediocre copy and life label without taste.
Because we believe that every excellent person deserves to have an outstanding home.

Every furniture conveys an ideal for life;
All begin from the first sunshine sprinkles on your bed:
Then, you sit down and have breakfast with your family in the morning; bask in warm sunset on the terrace in the evening; finally enjoy a great time with your family in the living room at night.
We advocate life of high quality; emphasizing on reasonable arrangement and interaction between structure design and life style.
You needn’t travel to Europe and Italy, not to mention toss around in hard thinking, to enjoy the extravagance of Byzantium, glory of Roma, acuity of Gothic and tenderness of Baroque. All that unique sexy only for you!
Those are standards for “ideal furniture” you expect and also the creed of customized furniture we stick to.
There is still a long course ahead, but we promise to keep moving forward and make you a better life!

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